The philosopher Heraclitus said ‘Polemos pater panton’, meaning, literally, ‘War is the father of all things.’ But war in this context can have a more nuanced meaning. It can simply mean ‘conflict.’ Thus, the creative catalyst for all generative activity is discord. Art is born from agitation.

Panton is an experimental music-theatre opera collective. Its vision is to challenge our learned perceptions of opera through genre-defining performance art. At its core is a drive to tell real, gritty and meaningful stories, using the all-encompassing power of opera as a vehicle for communication. The collective aims to shine a light on untold stories, specifically reframing tired classical tropes and creating happier endings for the neglected and marginalised.

Panton is the brain child of Sydney-born writer and director Constantine Costi and soprano, journalist and theatre maker Alexandra Flood. Constantine and Alexandra are young leaders in the field of opera, unafraid to get ugly in order to find beauty, both sharing a dedication to boundary-pushing, fearless theatre.

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